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Camp Hammond

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Camp Hammond - home to fans of Avengers: the Initiative
Camp Hammond

This is a community for fans of Avengers: the Initiative.

Join and chat about the Initiative comics and the characters who feature in them. I encourage discussion about the whole 50 State Initiative concept and related topics but this is NOT the place to whine about how much you think the comic sucks or how Iron Man is a complete tool etc... well, maybe the Iron Man thing is okay, heh.

Avengers Initiative images, icons, banners, mood themes, fanart and fanfic are all welcome.

Okay, so gotta have a few rules to keep things sweet and here they are:

* No flaming or you will be booted

* No spamming or you will be washed out

* Spoilers are welcome but please put *SPOILER* in the subject field to give us all fair warning

* I love tags so please use lots of descriptive tags for everything and anything, especially when posting about characters, or when sharing images, icons, banners or fanfic - e.g. icons, cloud9

* Put large images and banners under a cut and add tags for future searching

* Put a rating on your fanfic to begin with, we will revisit this rule in the future and see if it's even necessary

* Promoting other comic communities is fine but let's limit it only to comic communities please

* Lastly, please let's just be respectful towards each other.

Affiliates: (Please let me know if you would like your comic community to be affiliated to mine)

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cosmic_knowhere - a Marvel Cosmic LJ Community